I think About pages are the hardest to write. Most people want to describe themselves how they want others to see them, not so much how they truly are.

Who am I?

My name is Alison. I’m just a girl who grew up in the Seattle area. My mom was a single parent raising an only child, so I grew up pretty quickly.

By 16 years old I held a part time job after school working at good ole’ Subway. I even bought my first car and cell phone with my very own earnings. I think kids now-a-days get too much handed to them.

By 18 years old I was independent, living by myself, and making more money than most adults I knew. However, all that changed when I fell in love with a boy. It was a rough start for us, but destiny none the less. We very quickly grew to love each other, and made the choice to have a child. Yes, we ARE that crazy young couple who did it too soon.

Seven years, and THREE more kids later, we are still happily married and raising our girls the best we can as a young family. Trying to survive the ups and downs of marriage, parenthood, and all that comes with having a family.

I have struggled with weight my entire life, and recently made some big changes. Since April 2012, I have lost almost over 40lbs and continue to get support from my friends and family. I often share my struggles with my weight and emotional eating here on my blog.

While losing weight is not easy, especially since I love to bake, way too  much. I do often post recipes, when I make food AND remember to post about them. Some of the older ones you will find on here are Paleo inspired, as we’ve tried to get our family to go more grain free.


You will find me online most of the time, whether it’s on my computer or phone. I’m usually posting on Facebook, Tweeting, or spending way too much time on Pinterest. I LOVE social media, and hope to one day work for brands doing more social media interactions.

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