Between battling colds and allergies right now, our family is going through at least a box of tissues a week. We have been keeping a box in the living room and one in the kitchen, so there’s always one close by. Works great for me, but when it comes to night time and needing to keep tissues close by to the girls, I love this idea of a Sniffle Snuggler from Angel Soft.

All of the strength, softness and value you love about our bath tissue also comes in a facial tissue. Angel Soft® Facial Tissue (with double layers) comes in multiple carton designs to complement any home decor. In both a lotion (made with three layers) and non-lotion option – our softest and strongest facial tissue.

 15 Fun Tissue Box Crafts for Kids #SneezingTime

Since we’ve been going through our boxes of Angel Soft facial tissue like crazy, I thought it would be fun to share some fun and creative ways for you and your kids to reuse those boxes. Here’s 15 Fun Tissue Box Crafts for Kids that are sure to entertain this allergy season!


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