Recently I’ve been wanting to get an Android tablet. I have an ASUS Intel laptop that I absolutely love, but it’s big and too bulky for a lot of everyday use. My phone is great too, but small. In other words, I’m Goldilocks and need to find my perfect “porridge”.

So off to Office Depot I went, to check out an Asus ME302c tablet equipped with an Intel processor.

Like always, I did my research before going to the store. Most of the time the store employees are great about helping answer your questions, but I personally like to get online specs and reviews before making my final choice.

I needed a tablet that had a great battery life, that was fast and responsive, and had lots of App options. This Asus is just that, and here’s why.

5 Reasons Your Family NEEDS an Intel Tablet

1. Kitchen Assistant

Long gone are the days of having a dozen cookbooks. Instead, I can easily set up my tablet in the kitchen to show what recipe I’m working on. I can easily look up recipes, tips, and more. The screen is plenty big to clearly see the pictures, and much easier to read. The best part is that it’s not too bulky and takes up very little counter space.

2. Work From Anywhere

Since I’m a work-at-home mom, my hours aren’t 8-5 like a typical work day, nor do I have the option of leaving to go to work. I blog whenever and wherever I can, whether that’s at home, on the couch watching a movie with my kids, or sitting at my daughter’s speech therapy session. With just my phone I can’t get very much work done, and it’s not easy trying to bring my laptop everywhere with us since my hands are usually full already.

It’s so incredibly light, I can just slip my tablet into my purse, and have it anywhere we go.

Tons of (affordable) Apps

Android tablets are great, because you have such a wide market of apps, games, movies, and books to download. Many are even free, or very affordable. My favorite apps for social media are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. My kids love to play Candy Crush, watch Netflix, and use the art apps.

4. Google Everywhere

I’ve been a big Google fan for the past couple of years. I’ve been using Google Chrome on my laptop, I keep my revenue and expenses in Google Drive, and use my phone’s Google calendar for all of our important appointments and dates. The best part of having an Android tablet, is being able to connect all of my devices to my account.

5. Captures Life’s Everyday Moments

I enjoy being able to use my Asus ME302c tablet’s advanced camera capabilities and vivid HD video to record our everyday happenings, whether that’s hanging out at home (putting up our Christmas tree – see it below!), or out and about on one of our many adventures.

This particular tablet has front and back cameras, with auto focus on the rear camera. Plus, the video recording is perfect for my girls to be able to Skype with family.