With the latest patch then Undying saw the biggest rise in win %. This is because he was no longer made useless by Axe, Bristleback or other heroes with a physical aoe that could clear his zombies. Even after the small nerf he received he is still a very strong hero and if played correctly can absolutely crush the enemy early and midgame. Here are 5 easy tips to improve your Undying play.

Play aggressively but not stupidly

Although Undying can and should be aggressive, you must be careful not to push too far and die without gaining anything. Undying excels at winning his lane and should never jeopardise that winning position. Do not overextend against stuns or silences. If you are playing against a lane that can beat you (there are not too many) then do not be too aggressive. Play passively and wait for teamfights to begin.

Do not be the initiator

Undying is a poor initiator. His only slow comes from his ultimate and that is an aoe around him. If the enemy sees you running at them they will be able to either run away or burst and kill you.

About Tombstone

  • Tombstone is Undying’s most powerful tool. You must place is carefully so it will not get burst down easily. At rank 4 then the range is large enough that you do not need to place it directly in the centre of a fight.Generally, in a teamfight you will want to place it behind yourself. If the enemy wants to kill it then they must go near you and your ultimate’s damage amplification.
  • Always place the Tombstone on high ground if it is nearby. This will give enemies a chance to miss it as they are attacking uphill.
  • You can use Soul Rip to heal your Tombstone. This is great for baiting enemies into attacking it only to have it heal back up.
  • Only cast Tombstone when the enemy are committed to the fight. They may be trying to bait you into casting it before they run away.

Magic Wand is your friend

Undying is a hero who does more the longer he stays alive. He stays alive by healing for small amounts (sometimes large amounts with Soul Rip. Magic Wand is another small heal that often makes the difference between dying or surviving long enough to cast another Decay. You almost always want to buy a Magic Stick from the side shop.

Decay is important

At level 1 then you should skill Decay, it is a very scary spell that will win you many rune fights, reducing the enemies strength by 4 makes them very weak and buffing you by the same amount makes you comparably tanky. Always cast Decay so it will hit the most enemies possible. Even in chaotic teamfights then this move will keep you alive so much longer if you don’t mindlessly spam it but always use it to get the most strength possible.

Which heroes counter Undying?

Heroes with long range generally do very well vs Undying as he cannot reach them and his Tombstone will not affect them. A lategame Sniper will give Undying the most issues along with other ranged carries. Earlygame then Undying should be afraid of Silencer as he will leave you with no mana. Also be wary of high ranged supports such as Witch Doctor. Undying has low base armour and if you are not careful you will find yourself harassed out of the lane.

Want to know how to counter Undying?

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