What are Sunday’s like at your house? For us, it can either be very productive or the complete opposite.

As the kids get older, our weeks get busier and crazier. No matter what, all I want is for all of us to spend time together on the weekends. Even if that’s doing housework, going to the park, or just watching movies all day long. A bonus to making our Sunday less stressful is prepping dinner ahead of time. That’s where the magical crock pot ( or slow cooker) come into play.

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Right now, we’re actually really good about having dinner together each night, but I think that’s mainly because my girls are all young. I know families who often have crazy schedules, and don’t get to always sit down to eat together. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if we become one of those families too, when they’re older and doing more sports, clubs, and after-school activities.

I JUST read an article called How To Have A Happy Family – 7 Tips Backed By Research. The very first one was eating dinner together, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s the best time to communicate with each other how everyone is doing, how they’re feeling, and so on.

One thing I pray for now, is that no matter how busy we get as the girls get older, we’ll have a Sunday family dinner FOREVER. Like to the point where even when they are all grown and have kids of their own, we’ll still try and get together for Sunday dinner. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, or crazy to some, but it’s just something I’ve seen other families do, and have always wanted that “tradition” too.