AC: Syndicate has a lot of different skills available. Although all the upgrades are useful, some of them clearly outshine the others. Here are some recommendations for what skills to choose early in the game to make your progress smoother. If you are looking to earn money in AC:S then go to this guide, it recommends other skills that will help your income.

Health Boost 1/2/3

Health upgrades are universally good throughout all games and is one of the most important upgrades you can purchase as it prevents deaths and giving you more time to recover from mistakes. If you do not upgrade this you may struggle with some of the combat sequences later in the game.

Loot Takedown

Looting everyone is annoying and time consuming. The skill that automatically loots enemies you kill is very useful and saves a lot of time. This is more of a quality of life upgrade than a necessity, but you will find yourself unable to play without it.

Counter Boost

This gives you more time to react and counter and gives your counter attacks more damage. Counter attacking is a cornerstone of AC combat and vital if you wish to engage a large group of enemies.

Eagle Vision 1/2/3

Takes you from having to constantly use your camera to scout enemies to being a god/goddess who can see enemies through walls. Eagle Vision is incredibly overpowered and trivializes the stealth aspect of the game to a point where if you want a challenge you should probably not upgrade this.

Unstoppable 1/2

Combos are important (especially in combination with other combo-based upgrades. These 2 boosts prevent you from losing your vital combo points too quickly or from being careless.

Best Gang Upgrades

Upgrade Rooks to level 5

This initial upgrade allows your Rooks to survive much longer and be able to assist you more. The level 7 upgrade s also excellent for later in the game.

Pub Investor (and the following upgrades)

The sooner you get this upgrade the sooner it will pay off. Money is important if you wish to craft/purchase the best equipment.

Any other upgrades you think are vital?

People always have different opinions on what is useful, let me know what you think!