AC:S presents the player with a large variety of choices. What weapons to purchase, armor to upgrade, gang skills to buy. While all the options look tempting, you only have a limited amount of money so you must choose wisely. Here are some ways you can increase your income allowing you to unlock more! If you are looking for what skills are useful to upgrade, check out my other guide on the best skills/boosts.

Buy the economy skills first (Swindler upgrades)

Upgrades such as Pub Investor increase your income. The sooner you buy these upgrades the sooner you will start making a profit from them. If you can get Shop Investor then you will soon find yourself with more money than you can spend. Once your safe is fully upgraded then you will earn 3000 gold every 30 minutes with no effort. Leave your game idling and return when your safe is full to empty it.

By avoiding the temptation to upgrade your gang’s combat skills first you will find they are much stronger later into the game, which is when they start becoming more useful and required.

Next purchase discount skills

By purchasing skills that give discounts, you can save a lot of money. You must buy bullets and knives so why not save 50%? This, like Pub Investor, saves a lot of money in the long run.

Loot everything

Upgrade the skill that automatically loots slain enemies (Loot Takedown). On top of this, make sure you look for chests and boxes to open during your adventures. Most chests have some money in and some contain a lot. Some, such as Golden Chests require you to have upgraded lockpicking (worth it as these chests often have new weapons or rare materials).

London is a vast place with lots of looting opportunities.

London is a vast place with lots of looting opportunities.

Not only will looting get you money, but you will have to purchase fewer bullets or knives as you can loot these off enemies too.

Income Activities

Most missions do not pay well. Jacob and Evie are about helping people, not turning a profit. However, Income Activies allow you a way to earn money while still doing assassiny things. Later in the game, a mission will pay around 2000 to 3000 gold which is pretty nice (although in comparision to Shop Investor, probably a waste of time overall).

Anything to add?

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