You will meet the industrious Ned Wynert quite early on in the game. When you visit him then you will unlock income missions (for more ways to earn gold see this guide) that pay better than other missions (as you would expect from Ned). They also give you loyalty with Ned. When your loyalty level improves you will unlock different items.

Ned Wynert’s Loyalty Items

  • Level 1 – Fire Opal (crafting item)
  • level 2 – Gold Obsidian (crafting item)
  • level 3 – Black Diamond (crafting item)
  • level 4 – Serrated Death Kukri
  • level 5 – The Mars Schematic (secret firearm)

the mars

How to gain loyalty with Ned Wynert

Complete the Ned Wynert income missions to earn loyalty. Completing all the objectives will earn you more loyalty. Most of his missions involve stealing cargo from the Blighters. The Mars is a very cool looking weapon (and very strong) so completing all the missions is very worth it!