Summer is here and in full swing, and we’re finally able to enjoy the outdoors again. Playing outside, trips to parks and splash pads. It’s great to get out of the house and expel some energy (in the hopes that my kids crash at bedtime and we avoid the million and one excuses for why they just can’t go bed…).

With all this wonderful outside play comes sun exposure, and bug exposure. It’s so important to protect against these things, but most products out there are so chock full of harmful chemicals, you’re just trading one bad thing for another. But there is a natural solution to both of these summer issues!

Carrot seed oil is steam distilled from dried seeds and has antiseptic and anti-parasitic properties. It also happens to be a great choice for natural sunscreen! According to a study published in Pharmacognosy Magazine in 2009, carrot seed essential oil has a natural SPF of 38-40, putting it in the range of SPF usually purchased. I have been using carrot seed oil as sunscreen for my children this summer and it has been working great!

Purification is a blend of lemongrass, rosemary, melaleuca alternifolia (AKA tea tree oil), myrtle, citronella, and lavandin essential oils. It has cleansing and disinfecting properties, so it’s wonderful for fighting illnesses and cleansing the air of germs and unpleasant odors. The citronella in this blend naturally deters insects, and also helps to soothe insect bites.

Making your own sunscreen and bug repellent with these essential oils is super easy!

All Natural Sunscreen and Insect Repellant with Essential Oils

What you will need:

  • 2 oz container (squirt bottle for liquid carriers, tub for solids)
  • 2 oz of a carrier, such as coconut, almond, olive or jojoba oil, or Shea butter
  • 20 drops carrot seed oil
  • 20 drops Purification

I like to use coconut oil because it has a natural SPF of 2-10, depending on how processed it is. I get mine from my local Costco, they have a great price on a large container of organic, unrefined coconut oil. You can certainly use refined (fractionated) coconut oil, as it remains in liquid form. I prefer my coconut oil be as pure and unprocessed as possible, so I use unrefined. The temps of the summer months guarantee that it remains liquid anyhow. ??

Put all of your ingredients into your bottle or container and shake to mix. If using unrefined coconut oil, melt before adding essential oils. I reused a 4oz Aura Cacia almond oil bottle because it is amber colored and number 1 plastic. It also has a nice squirt top to help control how much comes out.

Using both oils will give you a sunscreen and bug repellent in one, but you can certainly use just one oil or the other for just a sunscreen or a bug repellent.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This is for informational purposes only and not intended to diagnose. All information is obtained from the Essential Oils Desk Reference from Life Science Publishing.