This guide will be storyline spoiler free (although it will mention several of the gadgets you will unlock).After my first playthrough on Hard Mode, here are some tips that might make your experience a little more painless.

Buy the defence upgrades first.

Although boring, you should purchase the upgrades to make you more resistant to guns and melee attacks first. They will help greatly and allow you to make an extra mistake before you are killed. Also, purchase the defence upgrade for your car as the drone fights can last a long time and you end up taking a lot of damage.

Play slowly and avoid taking risks

This is common sense but still worth mentioning. Before a fight you need to see what terrain you can use to your advantage (especially before going against a room of gunmen).

Against most enemies, if they hit you then you will lose about 1/3 of your health (more against guns). So taking risks for the sake of 1 takedown is usually not worth it. Always play carefully and consider your next move. Think Chess, not God of War. Speaking about terrain, there is 1 element of terrain that should always be utilised…

Grates are overpowered

Grates and vents are especially useful as you can normally get several takedowns before they start using thermal grenades to flush you out. They allow you to move at high speed across rooms full of enemies and take out lone targets with ease. If they discover you are down there, rappel up and hide before continuing. I found some of the rooms incredibly hard before I noticed grates on the floor.

Upgrade your Fear takedown

Once you have some spare points, upgrade your fear multi-takedown. Removing 4 or 5 gunmen out of the fight with ease will make clearing the rest a lot simpler. Try to get medics and high priority targets with this, don’t waste it against ordinary thugs.

The Disruptor is amazing

Against a room with 10+ enemies, well placed disruptor shots at enemy weapons or weapon caches can secure you victory. Always use the Disruptor prior to engaging the enemy. Also, upgrade the disruptor to work against sentries, medics and anything else you frequently have problems with.

Position the Bat Mobile to funnel the enemy drones

You should have the same strategy in all of the Bat Mobile fight scenes. Find an advantageous position and stay there. Ideally you want to be near a corner (to quickly dodge from missiles) while still having enough room to dodge drone shots. The enemies should not be able to approach you from different angles, try to funnel them into approaching you from the same direction.

Missile Drones

Against the missile firing drones, usually I ignore them and just dodge around a corner. You need to be aiming and killing enemy drones, not swapping to shoot missiles all the time. If you are getting hit by the missiles then reconsider your positioning.

Cobra Drones

These are deceptively easy to kill. Sneak up behind and wait for your 60mm to lock on. Do not attempt to approach from the side unless you know the sensor is currently pointing in the opposite direction. Also, wait for them to separate before going after them as 2 shots from their cannon will kill you.

Have any more tips to add?

Comment below and good tips will be added to this page. Happy hunting!