Dark Souls 3 has not been officially released and yet lots of people already have their hands on a copy. Thanks Obama. This means that information is already widely available to the masses. Information about classes, bosses and weapons can already be found on every gaming website. Well, this website is no exception! Here you can find information about the best beginner class and why it is so suitable for new players.

The Knight class has been considered the easiest starting class for a long time. It is (to quote an analogy I enjoyed reading online) “the Ryu of Dark Souls”. It is the best as it comes with strong starting equipment (the strongest available at the start, that can pretty much see you to the end), excellent stats (high health and decent strength/dexterity) and can work towards becoming a Paladin or a Mage very easily.

Not are are Knights defensively oriented when compared to other classes such as the warrior, they are also good with long swords which happen to be amongst the best weapons in the game as they are so versatile and give you many different options in combat. So Knights have great defense without having to sacrifice much damage. You can practise a lot of the fundamentals of the game such as parrying and dodging without dying if you make a mistake (although make several and you will be taking a one-way trip back to the bonfire).

Personally, I am going to go with a deprived as my starting class as this feels like it will provide the best sense of progression throughout the game.

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Agree or disagree? I know a lot of people prefer other playstyles for beginners such as going heavy magic to kill things before they get near (which feels a bit weaker in DS3 due to the increased speed of the game). Let me know what you think.