Like many husbands and fathers, who are really still adolescent boys in disguise, I am a gamer.

As a gamer, I love the prospect of immersing myself into the art of a well made game and escaping to another, magical world. It can be the calm in the storm of a long week in, *gasp*, real life! That being said, have you ever tried to escape to said world with a swarm of children constantly buzzing about?

It’s not easy.

The next time you want to make your escape (with permission from your significant other of course), the process can be simplified by having the proper tools at hand.

These tools include but are not limited to: snacks and beverages (aka gaming fuel), the gaming machine of your choice, and some killer audio equipment such as the SteelSeries H Wireless gaming headset, which I have recently had the pleasure of trying out.

High quality audio can really bring your in-game immersion to the next level, and these puppies set the standard in quality. Since there are so many features to cover, I am going to break things down into three categories.

Best Gaming Headset {A Dad Review}

Sound Quality

The Dolby 7.1 surround sound technology in the ear phones really brings your game world to life. I cannot express how much I enjoy firing up and playing through a favorite game again, hearing sounds I didn’t even know existed, and all of them in amazing detail. The built in equalizer (more on this below) allows the sound to be tweaked to be perfect for any user. I have tried these out with music and movies as well, and been blown away by each.


Not only does this headset offer amazing sound, it is quite stylish as well. Initially the construction feels sturdy and well made; we will see how they hold up over time, but with proper care I don’t foresee any issues. The wireless transmitter acts as a charger for the two included rechargeable batteries, so your audio experience is never interrupted for long. It also includes the equalizer I mentioned above, with both preset and customizeable sound levels, and the ability to save user profiles for every gamer in your home.

Also included is the hardware to connect the H Wireless headset to your Mac or pc, Xbox, Playstation, or mobile device, AND an interchangeable power feature for different outlet types, so you really have a ton of options. The tension on the ear pieces is fairly high so they fit a little snugly, but the plush padding makes up for this in comfort.

Other Awesome Features

Being a parent first and gamer second, I find myself leaving my desk often to avert the latest crisis to befall my darling children. The wireless feature saves me the hassle of having to remove my headset 43 times an hour to this end.

Probably one of my favorite features is the retractable microphone. My previous headset had the side mounted swivel type of mic, which was a constant target of little fingers. Tucking the mic into the earpiece keeps it out of harms way, and also preserves the aesthetic appeal if you are using these in public.

To summarize, the SteelSeries H Wireless is a high quality, feature laden headset with a price to match. The price point may be higher than the average gamer is willing to spend, but you get what you pay for in this instance so I believe them to be a good investment.

If you are looking for great sound and some of the same great features at a friendlier price, check out SteelSeries’ own Siberia V2 line of headsets.

Thanks for reading, and remember to always be responsible and ensure your significant other is taking care of the children before setting sail on your latest adventure. Game on!