Dark Souls 3 is a little different to the other versions of the game in terms of respeccing your character. In each playthrough you can respec 5 times. Changing your characters appearance counts as 1 respec and so does redistributing your skill points so you want to make sure you are happy with your character’s looks to prevent wasting valuable respecs on their appearance. Starting a NG+ or a new playthrough will reset your respec number.

I believe that being able to respec is a good thing for Dark Souls. Not everyone has the time to build new characters to try different things and being able to quickly swap and try different abilities and builds gives people a lot of freedom. It is also good for people who are into optimizing builds for pvp and who like to experiment/change their spec as each patch is likely to change the best pvp builds.

Where to respec

Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth can be found in the Cathedral of the Deep, there is a bonfire next to her for convenience. You have to pay her 5 Pale Tongues for each respec you wish to do. Luckily, these are quite easy to get.