It is one of the most annoying things all computer users must face. Everything is working fine and then WHAM! suddenly a problem develops seemingly out of nowhere. However, the vast majority of problems involving high latency are not unexplainable acts of god, they have an explanation behind them and often you will have been the unwitting cause of the problem. This article will deal with reasons why your computer may have developed a problem with high latency. Most sudden latency problems come from changes you have made to your computer settings or hardware. If it is convenient to do so, consider first checking with your ISP to verify that they have no current problems with their service. If they don’t then keep reading.

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After reading below then follow this link to a similar guide that is focused upon fixing your high latency problems. This page is more about diagnosing the problem and then you can move to the next page which suggests a lot more potential fixes.

Have you made any changes to your…


Firewalls control what can come into your computer. If the settings have been changed then maybe your Firewall now thinks it cannot let a certain program through, causing this program to have high latency. Try and undo the change and see if it fixes the problem. If you cannot undo the change, try temporarily disabling your firewall and then see if your latency improves. If it does then you have narrowed the cause down to your firewall and can proceed from there.


If you have been changing settings in your router and you suddenly notice a drop in your internet’s performance, try undoing the changes you made. If this is not possible then reset your router back to factory settings. This is done on most routers by holding down the power button for 20+ seconds.


If you have just changed the hardware on your computer and afterwards you notice that your latency has increased then remove the new hardware device again and see if it has fixed it. If the new hardware caused the problem then try checking with the manufacturer and asking why this may be.

If you opened your PC to install a new component, just be careful that you didn’t knock your network card out of position/nudged the wireless antenna (if you use wireless). Something as simple as this could have caused your latency problems.


Friendly software

Sometimes software can conflict with your network card or firewall and cause problems but this is very rare and usually be solved by simply uninstalling the program. A more serious issue, however, is that of malicious software. This will get it’s own section below.

Malicious programs/software

If you have recently downloaded a file and then noticed your internet is not performing very well then there is a very good chance you downloaded a malicious file. Spyware is a very big deal, this gets it’s own mention as it is something that a lot of people overlook but can have a huge impact on your latency. When you use the internet then you must always be careful that you visit credible websites and that you do not download anything suspicious. If you accidentally download spyware onto your computer then it can be very problematic to remove and it will continually run in the background of your computer, using your internet to upload/download information and other annoying things such as advertisements.


Pay attention to the drivers on your computer, particularly your network drivers. If they are no updated then there may be issues. Alternatively, if you have recently updated your drivers and notice your internet has developed problems then try rolling back your drivers to see if this fixes the issue.Sometimes when new drivers are released then there are often bugs and errors that can actually make your internet speed worse until they are fixed in a later driver version.

Game Server issues?

If you only experience high latency when connected to a specific server then check with the server’s owner/administrator and see if it currently has any stability problems. Alternatively, If you often connect to the same game server, check that it has not moved to a further location. If it has then there is not much you can do other than try using a latency optimizer.

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