Wisp is a hero that many consider to be a hero with a broken concept. The ability to heavily buff a team-mates survivability and damage while also being able to teleport them anywhere on the map is seemingly game-breaking and forces the enemy team to entirely change their game-plan and strategy. In pubs, high mmr ranked matches and even professional games, wisp is banned a lot as the fear of playing against a Wisp + Tiny/Chaos Knight/Bristleback (to name a few of the most popular combos) is too much for most teams to handle.

So how can I counter Wisp?

Wisp does have some glaring weaknesses that can be exploited. The best counter (as it is to every strong hero) is to ban it. But sometimes this is not an option and so you must prepare to play against it correctly. Here are some suggestions on countering this ball-shaped menace.

Choose strong lanes.

Wisp is usually played with a lane partner such as Tiny. You can punish this lane with strong harassers such as Witch Doctor. This is because both Wisp and Tiny start with 0 armour and take heavy damage from harass. By beating this combo in lane then you will delay their farm and prevent Wisp from getting a fast level 6.

Choose a team that can push as 5

If you are able to group up and force fights earlier than expected then Wisp + 1 will be unable to find solo heroes to gank. Group up early and push to victory!

Bait them!

Use a smoke on your heroes. Place one lone hero farming creeps with the others stood behind him/her. When Wisp + 1 appears to kill the lone hero then kill them. This will not work so well against experienced players as they will notice you are all missing from the map.

Strong hero picks against Wisp

Winter Wyvern

In recent professional matches then Winter Wyvern has been used as a counter to Wisp. When he tethers to a friendly hero then he naturally moves close to them. Winter Wyvern can them simply ultimate him and his carry will kill him. The same is true when he teleports in with a friendly hero, ultimate him and he will likely die.


Although he is fairly squishy and Tiny can combo him easily, if you can Glimpse the tiny back then you can probably kill the Wisp before he teleports himself back. Another strong counter is that he can use silence on the spot where Wisp is teleporting to which may prevent Wisp from trying to teleport near him. Once the carry gets a BKB then you will have to Glimpse the Wisp which can also be useful as the carry will be left unprotected.

Naga Siren

Wisp teleporting to gank you? Use your ultimate and run away. The combo of Wisp + 1 is designed to kill one enemies but Naga Siren is one enemy that you cannot stop as she can always escape with her ultimate. Late-game then her illusions will give Wisp a lot of problems.

Know more Wisp counters?

Comment below if you know any other Wisp counters that should be added.