Create Your Own Outdoor Theater This Summer #OshKoshSummer

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My earliest memories of dressing my girls (starting with the oldest) in OshKosh was this adorable little jean skirt overalls with a red, white, and blue madras style shirt. Too darn cute.

Summer Essentials from Oshkosh

Today, OshKosh is still every parents destination for baby and kid essentials. Since it’s just about summer time, I thought I’d feature some of their cute summer clothes.

For the boys, they have cool tanks and shorts that are easy and fun. Plus, polos and cargo shorts – perfect for outdoor adventures.

What little man wouldn’t love a one-of-a-kind OshKosh Original graphic tee? Boys will love the 100% cotton (making them breathable and comfortable), while you moms will love that the styles are colorful and versatile.

 Create Your Own Outdoor Theater This Summer #OshKoshSummer

And because I’m a #girlmom, I’m always looking at the newest collections for girls! They have the cutest tanks, shorts and skirts in super comfy fabrics, with pops of neon (which is the current trend, for those not caught up yet!).

 Create Your Own Outdoor Theater This Summer #OshKoshSummer

They also have a variety of tropical inspired dresses, skirts and tops featuring soft pastels and girly details. And of course, comfy jersey tunics in bright colors pair perfectly with leggings.

 Create Your Own Outdoor Theater This Summer #OshKoshSummer

My girls love their OshKosh original graphic tees and tanks – with slogans like, “Girls Just Wanna Have Sun” and “Left My Heart at the Beach.”

 Create Your Own Outdoor Theater This Summer #OshKoshSummer

Forever Summer

Summertime to me, means being able to spend literally all day from sun-up to sun-down, playing and enjoying each other’s company. I think what we look forward to most during the summer months, is being able to sleep-in and just kind of go-with-the-flow…not that that our little ones actually sleep in…but most often than not, our days are schedule free too.

I mean, I will make an effort to TRY and make some sort of schedule for us – like craft days, trips to the library, and playdates at the splash pad. If it doesn’t happen though, that’s okay.

Last month, I was asked if I wanted to make a video for OskKosh Bogosh of what “Forever Summer” meant to us. Since the theme this week is “movie night”, I thought it would be so much fun for our girls, to set up our very own backyard theater!

 Create Your Own Outdoor Theater This Summer #OshKoshSummer

To create our own “backyard movies”, my husband used a projector from work. You can buy them for as low as a couple hundred bucks, to like thousands of dollars from Amazon. He just played the movie in my laptop and had the laptop connected to the projector. For the screen, you can use a white sheet. We didn’t have one, so we used the back side of a tarp. It’s silver, so worked just fine.

Don’t forget the popcorn and snacks!!

To create our video, they sent us a GoPro camera, which are pretty awesome I must say. It allowed us to not only capture them from our point-of-view, but from theirs too! Check it out below, and let me know what you think!

Now that you’ve watched our fun video, pop over to Oshkosh’s Forever Summer website and check out the fun activities and ideas they have waiting for you to try! Plus, check out the other videos there from some fabulous bloggers, and check back each week for a new video and theme for that week.

   Create Your Own Outdoor Theater This Summer #OshKoshSummer