This post will not contain any story spoilers or any specific information about any boss fights. You are safe to read on.

If this is your first Dark Souls game them you may feel a bit overwhelmed when you first load it up and see just how easy it is to die. Here are some tips to make your first playthrough a little bit less painful.

Observation is key

Before you proceed through the next area look at how many enemies there are. See if you can break them off into groups or single them out.

In combat, allow enemies to cycle through their attacks several times and plan when you will be able to strike back. Most enemies are predictable and after a while you will be able to take them down with ease.

Find a weapon

Everyone has different weapon references. Some like a sword and shield whereas others prefer large two-handed swords that deal huge damage but offer less defensive options. Pretty much any weapon is a good choice and it is up to you to choose what you prefer and feel comfortable with. Having said all this, a sword and shield is pretty good for beginners who find themselves dying a lot.

Watch your stamina bar

Your stamina bar is your key to survival. Always keep some stamina saved up for evasion. If you have a choice between one more swing or begin able to roll, save the stamina for roll!

Explore everywhere

There are lots of hidden surprises in Dark Souls 3 and you can be heavily rewarded for going out of your way and exploring hidden areas. However, beware of traps and do not rush through an area without looking for any obvious traps.

Checking walls for hidden passageways is also useful. See a section of wall that looks slightly different or has a torch on it? There is a chance it will open into a passageway for you to explore.

Don’t be afraid to die

You will die. A lot. Dying is a part of the game and each death teaches you more about how to improve. If you repeatedly find yourself dying to the same enemy then it might be a sign that you need to level up and improve your items before returning.

Comment below to post your own tips, I remember when I first started playing the Dark Souls series and I envy people who get to experience it for the first time!