This is pretty old now and I am no longer playing Duelyst. While the deck concepts are still good they have probably been optimized a lot more.

When it comes to Duelyst it is important to remember that most decks can be played up until around rank 5. At this point, the decks you face will become very optimized such as Magmar Control and expensive Vetruvian decks. Luckily, people have made S-rank with cheaper decks. I will post a bit about the decks with links to the creator’s guides and lists for the deck. Currently there are two decks on this list but more will be added. I like to test them so I can comment a little when I list them.

Burn Abyssian

I’m not sure who to credit this deck to. The deck is very cheap to create with no legendaries and only 2 epics. The main strategy is to burn your opponent down as fast as possible. The reason why aggro decks like this are so effective is that they have 2 winning conditions. You can draw the perfect start and win before your opponent can draw answers or our opponent can draw poorly and you will stomp him. Click here to view the deck list.

Once you get into the higher ranks then your opponents will become better at recognising the burn Abyssian deck and play accordingly but you will always have a chance against any deck except Lyonar which will usually have enough healing to answer all your burn.

The downside to this deck is that crafting the Alcuin Loremaster is a big expenditure and probably will not see much use in any other decks you want to play.

Healing Lyonarbudget lyonar

This deck can be built cheaply and preys upon aggro decks with it’s strong healing, taunts and win conditions. In terms of cheapness I like this deck from Thanatos996 over at the Duelyst forums.

Like most Healing Lyonar decks, you have all the tools you need to survive aggro decks while still being able to threaten strong combos/board clears against control/mid range. The deck is also quite simple to pilot and is something I would recommend to beginners to learn the basics of the game.

This deck could be improved upon by using Arclyte Regalia or adding some bigger creatures to improve it’s control matchups. The deck shown is just a budget version of a Lyonar deck and there are some more deck types posted over here.

This will be updated with more decks

As I find more decks that can be played to a good rank then I will post them up. If you would like me to add another strong cheap deck then comment below with a link to it. I am currently looking at a cheap version of Mechazor Songhai that seems to play very well (providing I don’t run into Crossbones).