Duelyst is a fun game. One of the best strategy games I have played in a while, but like all card games, it suffers from having a pretty hefty cost if you wish to own all the cards. While some might wish to pay some money to bolster their decks others might choose to play for free and earn the gold themselves. Let’s look at how we can maximize our gold gain.

Complete all the daily quests

Duelyst offers you daily quests (similar to Hearthstone/other games of this variety). Completing these gives you bonus gold and also encourages you to play other factions/decks. You can re-roll these quests if you really do not want to play as certain factions.

Finish all the challenges

By completing all the challenges you will gain around 400 to 500 gold (changes as they release more challenges). This is enough to buy several packs of cards which is a nice bonus. If you are stuck on these challenges I encourage you to persevere as they will help you improve, however, if you are only interested in the gold then you can find guides to completing them on YouTube.

Climb the ranks

By climbing through to rank silver/gold and higher then you will get more rewards at the end of the season. You can then use these rewards to further improve your decks and get even higher next season! Climbing the ladder also means you will be playing a lot of games (unless you are already an incredibly good player) in which case you will be earning 10 gold for every 2 games played.

If you want some help to climb up to gold or beyond then try looking at the Duelyst forums and finding some cheap decks that people have played to high ranks.

Level up all the factions to 11

For every faction at level 11 then you will earn a free Spirit Pack. You will want to play all factions to 11 to understand their mechanics so this is just a cherry on the cake.

Anything else?

If anyone has any other tips to improve their gold-gaining efficiency then please comment and let me know.