If you were wondering about the lack of content it is because the last few days I have been busy playing Duelyst. grailmasterThis is a card/RTS game that a friend told me about and has proved to be incredibly fun. I always enjoy playing strategy games and this game feels a little bit like Hearthstone without so much RNG. Although I am still learning about the game, I feel I should put some content up about it to spread the word about this game. With the new patch then 4 new cards have been released and one of these is the Grailmaster (seen right). As you can see, whenever you summon a minion then the Grailmaster will gain a random keyword ability.

What random abilities can the Grailmaster get?

The Grailmaster can randomly gain the following abilities:

  • Provoke – Forces everything around it to attack this first.
  • Flying – Can move anywhere on the battlefield.
  • Ranged – Can attack from anywhere on the map.
  • Celerity – Can take 2 actions per turn.
  • Frenzy – Attacks damage everyone around it.

This card has a lot of potential to see play and all of the keywords are useful. The keywords stack so if you summon several minions then this card will grow to be incredibly powerful. This card will be a priority for your opponents to remove before it gets out of control (flying and celerity is nasty).

Anything to add?

Comment below if you would like to talk about Duelyst or comment about this card.