E.T.C is a tank in Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm. He has an interesting set of moves that give him a lot of crowd control and tankiness. As a downside, his damage is somewhat lacking but nevertheless a good E.T.C can wreak havoc during teamfights. E.T.C has a very flexible build path that can be adapted very easily to counter the enemy. To build E.T.C well requires you to know what talents are good in certain situations.

What is this guide?

This guide will look at the talent choices E.T.C players have available to them and when to choose them. Some of the talents will not be discussed. If they are not discussed then you can assume that you should usually not be thinking about picking them. If you are not familiar with E.T.C’s talents then you can find a nice list of them by going here and selecting E.T.C from the drop down menu.

Level 1

  • Block
  • Damage Slide
  • Dance Your Pants Off!
  • Scouting Drone

Unless other talents receive a buff then Shield Block should be the only talent worth considering as the other talents are very lacklustre.

Level 4

  • Superiority
  • Pwn Shop Guitar – Choose if you like to spam your moves when laning.
  • Groupies – Choose when both teams have no burst heroes and the teamfights will be long
  • Echo Pedal – Choose for more damage, good against very squishy enemy teams

There are several choices for this tier and it is up to you to decide what your team needs. Some people like to run with Pwn Shop Guitar so they can save some mana both while laning and teamfighting. Taking this talent usually means that in long teamfights you can save enough mana for an extra skill or two which is often gamechanging. Groupies heals your team in a small aoe radius around you. This healing will appear on the healing meters and over the course of a match it can add up to some reasonable healing done. If the teamfights are long and the enemy team has not got much burst, consider taking this.  Echo Pedal deals damage in an aoe around you anytime you use a skill. While E.T.C is not a great damage dealer, having some extra aoe damage can be nice. If your team is lacking damage then take this.

Level 7

  • Battle Momentum – This can give you a lot more abilities to cast if teamfights are long and extended in duration
  • Monster Slide
  • Loud Speakers – If the enemy have a lot of immobile or easily caught heroes then choose this
  • Guitar Hero – More damage and sustain, choose this if the above criteria is not met

Guitar Hero is a good choice, adding to your damage and increasing your sustain by a small amount. If the enemy team has a lot of heroes with no escape abilities then consider taking Loud Speakers and do your best to knock the immobile heroes back towards your team. If you can knock the enemy Raynor back into your team then you have probably just won the teamfight.

Level 10

  • Mosh Pit – The standard choice to make E.T.C a teamfighting Monster
  • Stage Dive – If you have a split push team (which rarely happens) then this can be great for turning ganks around

The two ultimates force you to choose between extreme mobility and extreme crowd control. Given that E.T.C is all about controlling teamfights then Mosh Pit only makes him stronger in this regard. Mosh Pit also forces the enemy to play cautiously, not over-extend and to save some crowd control for when you channel it. Even if they cancel your ultimate, using crowd control on a tank is not optimal and it will give your other teammates more room to manoeuvre.

If the enemy team has many many ways to cancel your ultimate then you could take stage dive, it can allow you to make some very nice plays dropping behind enemies and knocking them towards your team, especially if you chose the level 7 Loud Speakers talent for increased knockback.

Level 13

  • Uber Rockstar – Giving your team +20% movement speed is usually the best choice
  • Rockin’ Out
  • Relentless
  • Face Smelt – good against enemies with no escape spells

Taking Uber Rockstar gives your team so much mobility and lets your assassins kite/gap close much more effectively. Both Rockin Out and Relentless are not so impactful. If you took the Loud Speakers talent at level 7 then taking Face Smelt guarantees that any enemy knocked back to your teammates will not escape easily. It also allows you to split the enemy team nicely. Knock some heroes away and they will be out of the fight for atleast a second which can be enough time to kill the others.

Level 16

  • Head Crack
  • Guitar Instrumental – Gives E.T.C an absurd amount of self-healing. Choose against teams that do not have much burst damage
  • Imposing Presence – Choose against teams with lots of auto-attackers
  • Stoneskin – Choose against teams with high burst damage

This is the tier with the most viable talents, all of them can be good in certain situations. Guitar Instrumental gives you a lot more sustain by increasing the duration of your E by 100%. If teamfights are lasting a long time then this will add up to a lot of extra healing. Imposing presence should be picked when the enemy team are relying on auto-attackers to deal damage. Siege Tank, Raynor, Valla and Illidan are some of the heroes that this is great against and it can really shut them down. Finally the last talent choice is Stoneskin which gives you a shield equal to 30% of your max hp. Take this when the enemy team has a lot of burst and are killing you quickly.

Level 20

  • Death Metal
  • Rock God! – If you chose Stage Dive
  • Fury of the Storm – If your team is lacking damage
  • Bolt of the Storm – Allows you to set up all of your crowd control and make big initiation plays

This tier is dominated by Bolt of the Storm. It has so much synergy with E.T.C’s abilities that it sometimes feels broken. A well timed Bolt, Powerslide into Mosh Pit can win the game. Or a Bolt and knockback on an unsuspecting enemy. Taking Bolt also gives E.T.C a good escape tool.

The most commonly chosen talent choices

Forget gimmicky damage E.T.C builds, these only work if your team is highly lacking damage or if you significantly outskill your opponents. A lot of top players choose the following talents

Block > Echo Pedal > Guitar Hero > Mosh Pit > Uber Rockstar > Imposing Presence > Bolt of the Storm

The above provides E.T.C with excellent tanking and disruption while being hard to focus down with auto attacks due to Imposing Presence.

Have any suggestions about this E.T.C talent/build guide?

Comment below and share your suggestions for E.T.C talent choices. Some people may have uses for talents that have not been mentioned in this guide and at Skillshotter we are always interested in hearing them. Good suggestions will be added to the guide above. Alternatively if you have an entire build you want to suggest then please post that, individual talents are good but it is when they are combined together that E.T.C becomes the most powerful (such as Loud Speakers + Face Smelt).