*Many thanks to Nestle Toll House for sponsoring today’s story and helping us busy moms this holiday season.

I have to be honest with you right now. My days are CRAZY right now. The holidays, two birthdays, and we’re in the process of moving AGAIN. This time out of state, which makes it even crazier.

With everything going on, my motivation to do the stuff I normally love to do, like cooking, baking, and crafting are limited. I guess having four kids will do that to you anyways.

However, it still is December and I’m still going strong with our Elf Charlotte. I do have all our presents bought, yes bought. I only attempted one homemade gift, which you’ll see posted soon, because…well, I just wanted to make things easier for myself this year.

Easy Christmas Sugar Cookies

That said, these new Toll House Rolled & Ready Cookie Dough Sheets are AMAZING.

The girls kept bugging me to make gingerbread cookies. While they do have gingerbread cookie dough sheets too, I’m not a fan. These work just as amazing though.

Easy Christmas Sugar Cookies

I bought this set of copper cutters that are just adorable. They are mini size, which I love for the kids.

Do you five extra minutes to pop some Sugar Cookie Dough Sheets out of the fridge, and cut out some shapes? That’s all it takes. Bake 8 minutes and you’re done. Kids are happy, no having to measure, mix, and make a mess.

Of course you can eat them as is, but they wanted to decorate some gingerbread sugar people. Here’s a super easy decorating tip.Easy Christmas Sugar Cookies

Make a cookie glaze with milk and powdered sugar. Use a paint brush to brush on a small layer of glaze.

Some fun colorful sprinkles and voila. Easy. Happy kids. Happy mom.

These Rolled & Ready Cookie Dough Sheets are new to stores – so be on the lookout! There is sugar cookie dough sheets, chocolate cookie dough sheets, and gingerbread cookie dough sheets.