I am totally one of those parents who wants to encourage her kids to eat better (healthier overall), but doing it is a whole another story.

I know not all kids are the same, but I think a majority of them are not as keen or open to trying new foods. At least that is how mine have been. Especially when it comes to veggies. I try though, and hope that after putting it in front of them over and over again, eventually they will either cave, or be hungry enough. Yes, many times I even have to bribe them to eat their veggies.

One way we have been doing this is with pre-packaged salad kits. I usually buy a couple each week, and half the bag is used for dinner, and then half works for myself for lunch the next day! Costco even sells them in a bigger size for when you have a big family dinner to prep for.


These chef-inspired salad kits come with a blend of six or more superfoods and include everything needed for a delicious salad. Perfect for those looking for a convenient and healthy option for those busy weeknights.

Between after school activities and sports, I know this will be a lifesaver for you! They are for us on nights where we have to be somewhere right after dinner, or come home late and need something quick!

Weeknight Dinners

Here’s my dinner idea…Twenty minutes, and you have a complete dinner. A whole cooked chicken cut up, broccoli cheese rice, and a Beets & Greens Salad.

Weeknight Dinners

This is probably my favorite salad from the collection of Eat Smart Salads. It’s sweet and has an earthy crunch of fresh beets that are blended with five other superfoods, golden raisins, feta cheese and white wine vinaigrette.

Weeknight Dinners

Yes, it’s a weekly struggle to get my kiddos to eat their veggies, but at least now we have something convenient and delicious for me to add to our weeknight meal. You can pick up these salad kits, as well as their smaller on-the-go salad kits at your local grocery store.