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Folks, the hardest part of this meal is remembering to put the potatoes in the oven ahead of time!

These past couple of weeks have been crazy for us! We just recently moved out of state, and we’re still trying to settle in and unpack everything. So of course dinner has been kind of crazy lately, and more on the fly. Thankfully, this is an easy meal that everyone loves, even my picky husband and three year old.

I personally love homemade chili on baked potatoes, but my girls are not big on chili. Not all of them, at least. So this makes a great alternative! It’s really quite easy to make, and of course delicious.

Easy Weeknight Meal

To cook the potatoes, start by washing them. Then use a fork to puncture them a few times, before rubbing them down with olive oil and seasoning with sea salt. You want to bake them in the oven for at least an hour at 400 degrees.

Before those are done cooking, cook a pound of ground beef (or turkey) on the stove top. After the meat is browned add a can of Manwich sauce. My girls love this sauce, as it adds a sweet and tangy taste to the meat. It’s a kid favorite in this house.

Traditional sloppy joes are also favorite of ours too, and sometimes we will even use sloppy joe meat for tacos!

Once the potatoes are cooked, remove them from the oven, cut each potato in half, add a little butter and sour cream (optional), salt and pepper, and then top with the sloppy joe meat and your favorite shredded cheese!

Pair your sloppy joe baked potato with some yummy cooked veggies like carrots and broccoli, and you’re set for an easy weekday meal.

Easy Weeknight Meal

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Easy Weeknight Meal