Essential Oils for Babies

You can use essential oils for babies for the first three months but only when needed. Excessive use of essential oils for babies is neither necessary nor desirable. You should always dilute the essential oil you use for newborns and infants. Even if your child is six years old, the essential oil must be diluted. This is regardless of how you use essential oils for babies. The little ones do not need the concentration that we adults require.

Best Essential Oils for Babies

The best essential oils for babies are lavender, roman chamomile, serenity blend, tea tree oil, lemon, frankincense, wild orange and balance blend. These have been chosen because they are the most gentle. Some of the other essential oils are beneficial for babies but they are not as gentle. Even though these oils are gentle, you should still dilute them before use. Do not use cinnamon, cassia, peppermint and oregano essential oils for babies. These can be irritants for the newborn, especially for their respiration.

Quintessential Precautions when using Essential Oils for Babies

Use of essential oils for babies should be topical. Newborns or infants should not be made to consume essential oil in any form. Kids should be at least six years old and preferably ten years of age before they consume essential oils. Do not let kids ingest essential oils accidentally or otherwise. Do not put essential oils into or around the nose of your baby.

How to Use Essential Oils for Babies

You can take some serenity blend or dilute some lavender and roman chamomile. Apply the blend to the feet of your little one. You may or may not massage the feet with the oil. Application is enough. You can apply some of this blend on your chest or arm before you hold your newborn. This promotes relaxation. This blend can also be applied on clothes and blankets.

Take a drop of wild orange and one drop of lavender, mix the oils with two tablespoons of a

 carrier oil of your choice, maybe coconut or olive oil, and apply it on the little tummy of your baby. Massage the oil clockwise onto the tummy. Doing so for half a minute or longer will provide digestive support. You can apply this mix more than once in a period of half an hour and massage the tummy for better digestion.

Take one drop of lavender and one drop of tea tree oil, mix the oils with fractionated or unrefined coconut oil, you may use lanolin as the carrier, to dilute the blend and apply it on the skin of your baby. This treatment soothes the skin, preventing dryness and curing skin irritations a baby may have. This blend of essential oils for babies is particula

rly effective in preventing diaper rash and other inflammations. You can spray the mix on


y wipes or paper towels before you use them.

You may use tea tree oil and lavender, dilute them and apply the mix around the baby’s ears. Do not put the mix inside the ear. Massaging the area around the ears and the lymph n

odes promotes drainage. You may also apply tea tree oil and lemon on the chest and back of the baby for respiratory support.