These are some of the best settlement building mods for Fallout 4 (PC only, sorry). The original settlement building mode is good, but mods make it infinitely better and it becomes much easier to realise your dreams of owning giant fortresses. The links go to NexusMods which is a great website to find mods on.

More Object Variety

This mod adds a lot more (over 300) extra placeable items to your settlement menu. This allows you to customize your settlements a lot more and gives you much more to experiment with. Click here to go there.

Unpowered Lightboxes

This is an important mod as it will significantly increase your FPS in a big settlement as you will not have endless wires going to your generators/lights. While this could be considered cheating, it allows you to make much more spectacular settlements a lot easier. Click here.

Improved Light Features

fallout 4 settlement mods

The light in this picture is fantastic.

Makes light appear more realistic and increases intensity when you are closer to a light source. If you enjoy the lighting in the game then give this a try. Click here.

Place in Red

This is a mod that uses the cheat engine script. It allows you to clip objects together along with many other useful features. While there are still bugs that need sorting, this is a fantastic mod that allows you to do some very cool things. Click here to try it (getting it to work can be annoying, might want to avoid until it has been improved).

Silent Generators and Turrets

Hate the sound of all your generators? Big settlements require a large amount and they can get so loud. Use this mod to make them go silent. Click here.

Clean up the streets!

This mod lets you remove vines/trash on the streets of your settlements. While it is a very new mod, I have enjoyed using it immensely and it allows you to make some very clean looking settlements. Find it here.

Have a favourite mod?

Comment below and mention your favourite settlement mod. I will try it and recommend if I enjoy it.