Dogmeat is your permanent doggy companion in Fallout 4 and he is a very useful friend who can get you out of a lot of tight spots. Read on to find out a lot more about your favourite canine and the location where you can find him.

Where can I find Dogmeat?

Dogmeat is available very early into the game, head to Sanctuary Hills once you leave the vault (your home before the war).  You will see a gas station with a red rocket sign above it. Dogmeat is around this area.

Dogmeat has disappeared. Where can I find him?

If you cannot find Dogmeat, try checking the doghouses in Sanctuary. He usually goes there after you dismiss him or choose another companion. However, he could also be in any doghouse in any settlement you own so a good tip is to delete (scrap) all but one doghouse so you always know where to find him.

What does Dogmeat do?


Dogmeat is a lovable and useful companion.

Dogmeat has 4 commands available. Get,  Go, Inspect and Stay

  • Get – Command Dogmeat to fetch an item.
  • Go – Go to a specific location.
  • Inspect – Check/scout out an area.
  • Stay – Command Dogmeat to stay put until called for.

Can Dogmeat equip items?

Dogmeat can wear items made specifically for him. Non of these items increase his stats or doing anything other than make him look different.

Can Dogmeat die?

Dogmeat cannot die, upon reaching low health he will pass out (similar to how companions work in most games).

Does the Lone Wanderer Perk work with Dogmeat?

In this regard, Dogmeat does not count as a companion. You can use the Lone Wanderer perk and Dogmeat at the same time.

This will be updated once Fallout 4 has been officially released