Dogmeat is your doggy companion in Fallout 4 and while he is by your side at the start of the game (and during some quests) he is not always around. If you dismiss him or choose another companion then he will leave you and go to another area. I had a lot of problems finding him the first time I needed him. If you are looking for where to first meet Dogmeat you can click here.

dogmeat find

Look at that innocent face, he knows I just spent 30 minutes looking for him.

Dogmeat’s location(s)

The first place you should check is Sanctuary. There are doghouses that he goes to when you are not using him. There are several dotted around Sanctuary and Dogmeat will be inside one of them as shown in the picture above (you need to check inside the doghouses, not just glance at the outside). After that go to the Red Rocket Garage and then to Concord to see if he is there, then check the rest of your settlements.

Other settlements also have doghouses so if he is not at Sanctuary you need to check them. After you find him then destroy (scrap) all the doghouses other than the one in Sanctuary. This way you guarantee that you can always find him there.

If you are on PC you can warp him to you

Open up the console and type “player.moveto 1D162” without the “”. This will cause Dogmeat to appear at your location.

Did this help you find Dogmeat?

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