After creating my second character to run through Fallout 4 again (a ninja/sniper build this time) I was quite puzzled when my game crashed upon loading. This happened several times and always at the same part when my character emerges from the cryo chamber. Here is the solution I found and which has also been reported by other players for both PS4 and Xbox (I imagine the same will apply for PC too).

PS4 loading crash

Close application and the reload and see if this helps. If it does not help then turn off your console and wait for a few minutes before loading it back up. You may have to do this several times, mine worked after my 4th attempt.

Xbox loading crash

Quit the game then turn off your Xbox then reload and try again. If this does not work the perform a hard reset (hold the power button for 10 seconds while the system is turned on. Then load the game and try again.

I hope this helps

This is how I fixed my crashing problem, I understand that different people will have different issues but this one was solved with a simple reset and some persistence. Remember to try several times, I’m not sure why it happened but after getting past this scene I have had no further problems with crashes.