Tired of not being able to tell what level opponents you are fighting? Fear not, for there is a way to see enemy levels in Fallout 4 and it comes in the form of a Perception perk called “Awareness”.

Awareness will not only allow you to see your enemies levels, but also their resistances to certain damage types such as Radiation, Energy, Kinetic etc.

Awareness Perk

Note that even if you don’t have this perk any enemies at a much higher level than you will have a red skull next to their name. It is possible to kill these but it might take a long time/a lot of ammunition (or might just 1-shot you).

Enemies in Fallout 4 vary dramatically in level but the general rule is that the further south you go, the higher the enemy level gets. Awareness helps you stay alive by being able to avoid high level enemies or choosing the correct damage type to defeat them easily.

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