PC users have a much easier way to remove the cap as they can use a mod to do it. Console users also have a way to increase the settlement size cap.

If you are always crafting then you might want to look at how to find more screws or adhesive as to build a large settlement you will need a lot of these.

Reduce cap on PC

If you are frustrated by the settlement cap size restricting how many buildings/objects you can place then some nice person at Nexus Mods has already created the perfect mod for you. Click here to go to go to download it now. It will remove the cap on the amount of objects you can place, allowing you to make some truly awesome settlements.

Reduce settlement cap on consoles

Azryiel has commented with a method to increasing size cap on consoles. Take weapons and armour to your settlement. Drop them on the floor and scrap them. This will count as a deduction to the settlement size meter!

Have fun creating!