During your Fallout 4 journey you are going to encounter legendary items. These items will all have a title that bestows different effects upon them. For example a piece of armor with “Fortified” prefix will provide you with +1 strength and +1 endurance. Here is a list of all the legendary prefixes for both weapons and armor.

What are the strongest weapon prefixes?

These is not definitively the strongest effects. Just the ones I have come to enjoy a lot (I pretty much 1 shot everything on survival mode)

Never Ending – This completely removes the shotgun’s biggest weakness which is it’s reload time (by removing reloading entirely). Make sure you carry a lot of ammo and you will never have any problems with enemies at close range again.

Wounding – This causes the target to bleed for additonal damage. It is only ok until you realize it stacks. Use a fast firing weapon and no target can withstand this for long.

Instigating – Double damage if the enemy is full health? This turns sniper rifles into 1 shot kills every time (with the correct perks).

Two Shot – Turns any high damage weapon into a weapon of mass destruction. Use it on a Fat Man for extra devastating results.

What are the strongest armor prefixes?

Freefall – Not taking fall damage can be very handy. Always nice to have this.

Chameleon – Really good for sneaking/stealth type builds and yes this can be stacked with multiple pieces.

Fortifying – +1 strength and +1 endurance. Any build involving melee or close ranged fighting should take advantage of these armor pieces.

List of Armor Prefixes

  • Cunning- Agility +1, Perception +1
  • V.A.T.S. Enhanced – 10% reduction in Action Point costs in V.A.T.S.
  • Powered – Increases Action Point refresh speed
  • Chameleon – Hard to detect while sneaking and not moving
  • Sharp – Charisma +1, Intelligence +1
  • Duelist’s – 10% chance to disarm melee attacker on hit
  • Freefall – No falling damage
  • Cavalier’s – 15% reduces damage while blocking or sprinting
  • Titan’s – 15 % reduces damage while standing and not moving
  • Hunter’s – 15% reduces damage from animals
  • Exterminator’s – 15% reduces damage from Mirelurks and bugs
  • Ghoul Slayer’s – 15% reduces damage from Ghouls
  • Assassin’s – 15% reduces damage from humans
  • Troubleshooter’s – 15% reduces damage from robots
  • Mutant Slayer’s – 15% reduces damage from Super Mutants
  • Acrobat’s – 50% reduced damage from falling. Seems redundant when Freefall grants immunity.
  • Safecracker’s –  Increases size of sweet spot while picking locks.
  • Martyr’s –  Temporarily slows time during combat when you are at 20% or less Health
  • Lucky – Luck +2
  • Herbalist’s –  +25 poison resistance
  • Punishing –  Reflects 10% of melee damage back on attacker
  • Bolstering – Grants increasing energy and damage resistance the lower your Health (up to +35)
  • Sprinter’s – Increases wearer’s movement speed by 15%
  • Fortifying –  Strength +1, Endurance +1
  • Low Weight –  Low carry weight
  • Almost Unbreakable –  Quadruples durability

List of Weapon Prefixes

  • Assassin’s – Deals 50% more damage against humans
  • Automatic – Gives any weapon automatic fire mode (not as useful as it sounds but quite fun)
  • Berserker’s – More damage the lower your damage resistance is
  • Bloodied – More damage the lower your health is
  • Cavalier’s – 15% less damage while blocking or sprinting
  • Crippling – 50% more limb damage
  • Enraging – Critical hits cause target to frenzy
  • Explosive –  Bullets explode on impact doing 15 area effect damage (incredible with the mini gun)
  • Exterminator’s –  50% more damage against Mirelurks and bugs.
  • Freezing – 10 points cryo damage and will freeze targets on critical hits
  • Furious – Damage increase after each hit on same target
  • Ghoul Slayer’s – 50% more damage against Ghouls
  • Hunter’s – 50% more damage against animals
  • Incendiary – Sets target on fire for 15 points of damage
  • Instigating – 2x damage if the target is at full health
  • Irradiated – 50 points additional radiation damage
  • Junkie’s – Damage increase more withdrawal affects you are suffering
  • Kneecapper – 20% chance to cripple the target’s leg
  • Lucky Weapon – Critical shots do double damage and the critical meter fills 15% faster
  • Medic’s –  Heals targets instead of hurting them
  • Mutant Slayer’s – 50% more damage against Super Mutants
  • Never Ending – Unlimited ammo capacity. I feel this is a little misleading as it implies you will never run out of ammo. Actually you just never need to reload as long as you have the ammo to support it.
  • Nimble – 75% faster movement while aiming
  • Nocturnal – Does increasing amounts of damage as the night grows longer and less damage during the day
  • Penetrating – Ignores 30% of the target’s damage and energy resistance
  • Plasma Infused – Adds 10 points of energy damage and can turn enemies into goo
  • Poisoner’s – Target is poisoned for 10 seconds
  • Powerful – Provides 25% more damage
  • Quickdraw – Costs 25% fewer Action Points
  • Rapid – Provides 25% faster fire rate, 15% faster reload
  • Relentless – Refills your Action Points on a critical hit
  • Sentinel’s – Take 15% less damage while standing still
  • Staggering – Chance to stagger enemy on hit
  • Stalker’s – If you are not yet in combat, increases VATS accuracy but costs more AP
  • Troubleshooter’s – Does 50% more damage against robots.
  • Two Shot – Shoots an additional projectile
  • VATS Enhanced – Improved VATS hit chance, 25% less Action Point cost
  • VATS Enhanced – 40% less Action Point cost
  • Violent – Deals +25% damage and limb damage, but has more recoil
  • Wounding – Targets bleed for 25 points of additional damage

Any questions?

If there is anything you want to know/have clarified then comment below and ask. Hope this guide helped you, thanks for reading.