Settlement happiness affects your settlers mood. If they are happier they will be more productive whether that is harvesting crops, fighting off attacks or purifying more water. It is not hard to raise settlement happiness and there are several things you can do. As a general rule, if anything on your settlement chart is a different colour such as red then you need to make more of them. So if the bed icon is red you need to make more beds as there currently are not enough.

settlement happier

You don’t have to create masterpieces like this but adding decorations goes a long way to making your settlers feel happier.

Increase settlement happiness

  • You need to have a bed, 1 water and 1 food point for each settler.
  • If you often visit a settlement then it will be happier than a settlement you never visit. You are the leader, you need to be seen often!
  • Your defence needs to be high. The bigger the settlement the more defence it needs. You may have to keep travelling back to build more as it grows.
  • TVs and other items should be placed in houses. Decorations will make your settlers feel happier so don’t skimp on them!
  • When you have Local Leader rank 3 you can build shops in your settlements. These make your population happier as they have access to more supplies.

Any other tips for happier settlements?

If you follow the tips above you should be able to unlock the “Benevolent Leader” achievement without much trouble (remember to have all your settlers assigned to a task when going for this achievement). Comment below if you have any questions.