Fallout 4 and the Witcher 3 are 2015’s heavyweight gaming titles both fighting for Game of the Year. Featuring excellent graphics, strong storylines and gameplay/content that will keep you interested for months. Which is the better game? Read on to compare. This is quite a long article so I have broken it down into different sections.


witcher 3 beautiful

Just look at that sky. The Witcher 3 has set a new benchmark for graphics in large scale games.

We can start by looking at graphics and here I believe there is already a clear winner in The Witcher 3. The mountains, forests and sea all have a really realistic quality to them that Fallout just doesn’t match. The facial features in The Witcher show a lot of detail (although they repeatedly used the same models again and again).

fallout 4 face creation

The faces look good, but lack emotion when speaking.

It feels that not much has changed between Skyrim and Fallout 4 in terms of facial features and emotions, people still look quite blank when talking about their loved ones dying which I find is quite immersion breaking.


The Witcher has good sword combat and uses a system of signs to add some tactical thought to fights in that some enemies have weaknesses to certain signs. However, usually this does not matter as Quen is pretty much a necessity at higher difficulty levels and you will rarely find yourself using anything else (unless you use magic intensity builds). This really turns the combat into a pattern that rarely changes. Shield yourself, dodge the enemy attack and then swing. Repeat until enemy dies.

Fallout 4 mainly focuses on guns (although there are melee weapons). The gunplay feels fairly good although I am very frustrated that guns do not have any sort of penetration to them, when an enemy hides behind a table I want to spray bullets though it and not wait for him to come out. All in all the combat is a large improvement from Fallout 3 and Skyrim. I might add here that the fact that guns no longer break and need repairing is a thankful addition. Ammo also feels scarcer which adds to the urgency of having to make every shot count.

Enemies and variety

The Witcher 3 has some interesting bosses and large creatures that feel unique. However, during normal quests and for a large chunks of storyline you will find yourself fighting the same creatures again and again. Drowners, Wolves and Nekkers are all too common when wandering around.

The enemies in Fallout 4 are slightly more varied, but the main difference is in the guns that they carry. See a Super Mutant with a Fat Man (mini-nuke launcher)? You have to approach it differently that to a Super Mutant with a machinegun. The fact that enemies can carry these powerful weapons makes fighting them more of a challenge.

fallout 4 super mutant

Death followed shortly after this screenshot was taken.


Both games can be as hard as you want them to be. Fallout 4 on hardest difficulty feels incredibly hard. Witcher 3 on Death March feels almost impossible for the first 10 levels at which point things actually become easier as you can choose some of the more overpowered talents and get better armour/weapons. In both games you will find yourself running from enemies if you did not prepare well enough to face them

On normal difficulty both games provide a challenge, mainly during boss fights or against larger creatures. On easy difficulty then most players should not encounter many problems running through the game feeling like superman.

Value for money

This is where I again feel like the Witcher 3 is a clear winner. The size of the game, the 16 free DLC’s (granted some of them were only a new set of armor, but still…) and the new expansion Hearts of Stone which was one of the best expansions I’ve ever played makes the Witcher much better value for money. I hope that Fallout 4 follows in it’s footsteps and also realeseas high quality, affordable DLC content in which case I will consider the two games even in this regard.

Storyline and decision making (spoiler free)

geralt and ciri

The chemistry between Ciri and Geralt really adds immersion to the game.

Without spoiling anything, I enjoyed the storyline for both games. You can feel the connection between Geralt and Ciri and the strength of Geralt’s determination to find her. The storyline for Fallout 4 may be a bit more cliched, but has some excellent twists and turns nonetheless.

The Witcher has more powerful choices to be made that shape the course of the game whereas Fallout often feels that you re forced into a certain dialogue path regardless of your choices. I was wishing to play an evil character but most of the evil options end up with you forced into saving/being nice to someone which really felt forced and unlike the previous Fallout games.

Both games feature excellent side quests but I feel Fallout has the better end of this comparison. The Witcher side quests almost always consist of investiage – find Monster – kill monster – end quest. In Fallout the side quests turn into epic adventures of their own and usually end up with large fights, lots of loot or even earning a new settlement to add to your empire.


In my opinion, The Witcher 3 scrapes ahead of Fallout 4 as being the best game released this year. While both are excellent, The Witcher 3 edges Fallout in certain important areas. Decisions, Scenery and overall atmosphere of the game. While Bethesda created an epic game in Fallout 4, I feel CD Projekt (polish company behind The Witcher games) have set the benchmark for future RPGs to follow and build upon.

Comment below and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.