After starting my character over a few times (I like to experiment) and trying all of the weapon types and mods I thought I would clarify some things about weapons, mods and perks. So far, I haven’t found any exceptions to the details listed below but there may be things I still have to discover that will change this.

How do Mods alter Weapon Types

Essentially, you can alter the weapon type according to the mod you place on it. This also changes the perk that affects the weapon.

Turn any weapon into a rifle by adding a Stock to it. By doing this, the weapon will now be affected by all perks that require a rifle such as the Rifleman perk.

Adding a grip to any weapon will turn it into a Pistol that is affected by the Pistol perks.

Adding an Auto mod to any weapon will cause the weapon to be affected by the Commando mod.

You need to add a scope and a Stock to any non-automatic weapon in order for it to count as a Sniper Rifle for the Sniper perk.

Shotguns count as rifles

The Rifleman perk affects shotguns. Unless the shotgun is an automatic in which case it is affected by the Commando perk.

The Commando Perk

Anything that fires more than 1 bullet when the trigger is held will count as an automatic weapon. Any weapon with an Auto mod will also count.

The difference between Recoil Compansating and Marksman’s Stocks?

Marksman Stocks affect your cross-hair not moving around when aiming. Very useful for sniper rifles as you can be more accurate! Recoil Compensating Stocks reduce the recoil (recoil causes weapons to becomes more inaccurate after firing) which allows you tore focus on your target easier after shooting.

Any Questions?

If there is something you want help with regarding Fallout then I will try my best to help. Likewise, if there is a mistake in the information then please say so I can alter it. Either way, just comment below!