There are a lot of companions in Fallout 4. Not only do they come with different weaponry/actions but they also come with their own unique perk. Read on for a list of all the companions and the locations you can find them. Fallout has only just been released so this list is not complete yet. I will add new companions as I discover them.

Can Companions Die?

Companions cannot die. At all. If a companion is wounded during a fight they will lie/sit down (you can give them a stimpack) and not help you for the duration of the fight. Once you are out of combat, they will stand up and continue.


Click here for more information on finding Dogmeat.


Your robot butler from before the war. Find him in Sanctuary Hills.


You will inevitably meet Piper when entering Diamond City. Help her with a few tasks and you will get the quest “Story of the Century”which will allow you to recruit her.

Preston Garvey

Preston is inside the Museum of Freedom in Concord. Once you complete his tasks and provide safety to him/his friends then he will join you.


Found in the Combat Zone. Complete the quest Benign Intervention to recruit her.


Find Curie inside Vault 81. Complete “Emergent Behaviour” to recruit this cool robot!


You can find Danse inside the Cambridge Police Station


As his name implies you can find Deacon in the Old North Church.


Find Hancock in Good Neighbor. Complete the aptly named “Recruit Hancock” quest.


Also to be found in Good Neighbor. Complete the quest “Long Road Ahead” to recruit him.


Find Valentine in Vault 114. Complete “Long Time Coming” to recruit.


You can find Strong in Trinity Tower.


Found within The Institue.