Nuclear Material is used to craft several high end items (mainly the incredibly awesome Jetpack for Power Armour) and weapon modifications. There are not many ways to obtain Nuclear Material and, like finding most resources, the best way is to scavenge as much as possible.

Kill anything with an energy based weapon

When you kill an enemy with an energy based weapon then they have a chance to drop Nuclear Material. This is a good way to get Nuclear Material passively while simply playing the game.

Kill Super Mutant Suiciders and Glowing Mole Rats

These enemies have a chance to drop Nuclear Material once they die. Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you shoot the Suiciders before they get near you. These enemies are fairly uncommon in the northern side of the map but once you head further south you will find plenty.

Scrap the following items

Upon scrapping the following items then there is a chance you will receive Nuclear Material. It always pays to scavenge. I am unsure why there is a board game with Nuclear Material inside but I’m sure playing it must have been exciting.

  • Distress pulsers
  • Inactive distress pulsers
  • Alarm clocks
  • Wakemaster alarm clocks
  • Biometric scanners
  • Prototype biometric scanners
  • Blast Radius board games
  • High-powered magnets
  • Recorders
  • Radioactive glands
  • Radscorpion stingers

The Vendor in Vault 81

Sometimes the vendor inside Vault 81 will sell Nuclear Material (and other interesting items). Travel there often to check and you may be able to pick some up. If you often buy from vendors then consider picking up the Charisma perks for cheaper prices.

Know any other ways to obtain Nuclear Material?

Although I have explored most of the Fallout 4 world, I have not found everything. If there is another way to get Nuclear Material then please comment below and let me know.