Screws and Adhesive are items which are required for a lot of crafting in Fallout 4. This article will show you how you can find screws.

Place a point in Scrapper

Invest a skillpoint in Scrapper (intelligence rank 5) and you will get uncommon parts when you scrap weapons and armor. This means all the guns/armor you pick up will suddenly be a free source of screws and other useful crafting items. Once I got this skill then I never had any problems getting screws again and I consider this skill to be essential on any character I make.

Pick up everything

fallout 4 screws loot everything

Fallout 4 rewards people who like to loot everything.

Fans, Handcuffs, Toy Cars, Lamps! All of these items (and similar) contain screws that you can use. Remember to pick up everything you see and break it down. In Fallout 4 then it is very easy to store all your items (through the workshop) so you can afford to pick up everything.

Buy Screws

Some traders stock screws. One of the best examples is Arturo in Diamond City. He sells shipments of Screws.

Cambridge Police Station

This area has a load of handcuffs, desk fans and globes that can all be scrapped for screws. Taking everything inside can net you many screws and they respawn after several ingame days so you can always come back for more.

Know more places to get Screws?

Comment below and let me know.