If you enjoy crafting items, you might have noticed you always need more Adhesive (and possibly Screws). Luckily, there is an easy way to get a lot of adhesive that takes very little time to set up. All you need is to make some Vegetable Starch as it can be broken down into 5 units of Adhesive. I would like to thank Reddit and specifically jredwards for posting this.

How to craft Vegetable Starch

You make Vegetable Starch from 3 Mutfruit, Corn, Tato. These are vegetables you can plant and grow in your settlements. Plant them and assign a worker to grow them. Every time you fast travel they will replenish with the vegetables you need to make Vegetable Starch. You also need 1 Purified Water but this is not a problem.

Where to find Tato

One of the settlements you acquire early has some Tato plants. It is the settlement of TenPines Bluff. Once you get some initial Tato then you can plant it in other settlements to have a plentiful supply whenever you need.

Where to find Mutfruit and Corn

GreyGarden gives you both a supply of Mutfruit and Corn.

Where to find Purified Water

Build a Water Purifier in one of your settlements. When you return you will find a lot of Purified Water is now in your workshop. Not only is this good for crafting but very useful for healing your character and for earning money.

What do I do once I have these ingredients?

Once you have the ingredients, cook them together using a cooking area, not a workshop bench. This will create Vegetable Starch which you then need to break down in the menu.

Any other ways to find/get Adhesive?

The above is not the only way to find Adhesive. If you want to try a more oldschool approach you can scavenge Wonderglue and Duct Tape. These two items are in abundance throughout the Fallout 4 world. You can find a lot of them inside toolboxes, I don’t think I have ever opened a toolbox without finding something that can be broken down into Adhesive. Happy scavenging!

Any questions?

I hope this helped you, if you want to know where to find any other objects then comment below and ask.