Hurry and run to the Ice Castles website to buy your ticket, because the weather is warming up and you won’t want to miss this fun family experience!!

Family Fun at Ice Castles

Located in Midway, UT – just a short drive from Salt Lake City and about an hour from Ogden. Ice Castles is fun for the whole family! There are sleigh rides to the castles, pictures with Ice princesses, and more.

They grow at least 10,000 icicles every day and place them throughout the ice castles to provide something for the water to freeze to.  Over time the icicles just get absorbed into the ice structure. How amazing is that?!

Family Fun at Ice Castles

We checked it out for the first time this past weekend, and I have a few personal tips for you!

  1. Go early in the season if you can. While it was still beautiful and fun, the Ice Castles are getting warmed up during the day, causing the ice to melt. It’s probably slushier than it was weeks ago. Plus, they are only able to keep it open until it starts to warm up, so the sooner to opening you go, the better.
  2. Dress warm. This is probably a given, but it’s ICE and cold (especially after the sun sets)!! So make sure you dress in warm layers, hats, gloves, heat warmers in your gloves or in your snow boots.
  3. Don’t bother with a stroller for little ones. It’s a snow and slush pathway, so a stroller wont make it. Instead I used my baby carrier for my youngest, which kept us both a little warmer too.
  4. If you don’t like crowds, go during the day. Ice Castles are open Mon – Sat, and so of course the weekday may be a tad less crowded, but we went at 6p on Saturday and it got crazy busy. It was at least an hour wait to go down the slide or in the dome.
  5. Go around sunset. Check and see what time sunset is the day you go, because then you get a chance to see the Ice Castles when it’s still light out AND once it’s dark and they have turned on the lights.
  6. Buy your tickets ASAP!! They sell a certain number of tickets in 30 min time slots. They can and will sell out quickly online. Don’t wait to get your tickets, and don’t bother to just show up and buy them. Buy them online weeks in advance (which saves you some money too!).


You can visit your local Ice Castles starting in January and lasting until the weather warms up (about 6-8 weeks later). Besides Ice Castles in Midway, Utah, you can also see them in Eden Prairie, MN; Lincoln, NH; and Edmonton, AB.


* I received complimentary tickets to see the Ice Castles. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks!