To get 100% in Far Cry Primal you have to accomplish the following things. You can view your progress at a stone in Takkar’s cave which will tell you how far through each task you are. You need everything to be at 100% and it should look like this…far cry completed checklist

Make sure you have completed all of the story missions and villager’s quests. You need to complete side quests before you can unlock the final story mission so if you are at 12/13 then go and complete any side quests you might have.

Ensure that you have killed and tamed every animal in the game (including rare varieties) and crafted everything available to be crafted. Check that you have explored all unknown locations and upgraded all your skills and collected all the collectibles. During the process of collecting then you will have inevitably find all the outposts etc you need for 100%.

If you have any questions about why you have not reached 100% and what you might be missing then comment below and ask. Happy 100% hunting!