Don’t you hate the feeling of buying a game, rushing home to play it only to discover it won’t load. Well hopefully this page can solve some of the problems you might have loading Far Cry Primal on your PC. The specific problem is that of not being able to launch the game. Try the following potential solutions:

Remove all displays from your graphics card (obviously not your main display)

Physically unplug any other displays you have connecting to your computer and then try to load the game. This has worked for a lot of people. Make sure to physically unplug them. I am unsure what bug causes this but this seems to be the number one fix for PC users who cannot launch Far Cry.

Set the game to run as admin under the compatibility tab in properties of the file

Doing this may allow to to open the game as it is possible you did not have the correct permissions for it. Remember to also launch the game as an admin too.

Allow Far Cry through your firewall

While this should happen automatically, there is a chance that it didn’t and now your firewall will not allow Far Cry to connect to the net. Temporarily disable your firewall to check for this or allow it through in your firewall’s permissions list.

Reboot and then Reinstall

Often a simple reinstall works well. Do this after trying the other options as reinstalling is a pain. Reboot and try loading again before reinstalling as maybe the reboot will cause something to work.

Any other ideas?

If you have more suggestions then comment below. I hope this helps some people fix their issues.