While gaining MMR is possible on pretty much any hero, there are some that are definitely easier than others. Usually these heroes have high mobility or require the enemy to have a lot of communication to deal with them effectively. Let’s look at what heroes are doing well in ranked Dota. Although I am writing this because someone has requested it, I just want to point out that you should play what heroes you find fun and not rely on these heroes to gain MMR. You will always play better on heroes you think are fun (unless you think Meepo is fun in which case…good luck).


Although he has always been a strong hero, he was made fairly useless by heroes with physical aoe such as Axe and Bristleback. Now that his zombies each require an auto-attack to kill then his win-rate has sky-rocketed.

An Undying can lane with any partner who has a slow/stun and expect to crush his lane. Very few carries can farm while Undying is against them. Off-lane Undying Spirit Breaker dual lane is an absolute terror in this patch and at level 3/5 can usually tower dive most weaker lanes. Besides winning his lane, Undying can win a lot of teamfights with clever placement of his Tombstone. Tombstone is very hard for teams to fight around and the best tactic is to dis-engage after it has been placed. In pub games then this is obviously a lot harder to coordinate and will often end up with some people trying to run away and others trying to fight.

Storm Spirit

Although he can take some practice, a good Storm Spirit is able to snowball a game completely out of control once he reaches level 6. His ability to zip around the map and gank unsuspecting lanes is legendary. He can not only win his own lane, but help his other team-mates win their lanes. Storm Spirit also scales well into late-game and once he has enough mana regeneration then he becomes almost impossible to stop unless you have countered him with your hero picks (see here for a guide on how to counter Storm Spirit). A lot of people use Storm Spirit as their choice to gain MMR.


Need a roamer/ganker? Choose Slark. Need a carry who can farm quickly? Chooose Slark. Need someone who can split-push? Choose Slark. Slark is a very versatile hero who can fit into pretty much any game. Slark requires some practice to play well as you have to time your purges to remove enemy CC and Pounce can be fairly difficult to land on moving players. Once you are used to his mechanics then you will find yourself winning early and mid-game and then transitioning into one of the best carries in the game (stealing agility on every auto-attack is no joke!). When you start playing Slark then you may feel he is very squishy, this is because he is! Your ultimate’s passive component is designed with the idea that you can fight, run away then return on full hp to finish the job.

Spirit Breaker

Spirit Breaker forces the enemy team to play carefully and to place a lot of wards. In public games then we know that there are fewer wards and less communication overall. This makes Spirit Breaker the perfect hero to choose. If the enemy team cannot see him then they must play passively or risk being charged and killed. Once laning phase has ended then he provides powerful single-target lockdown during teamfights than can often ensure that the enemy carry cannot do anything. In 6.84 then a lot of teams are only running 1 carry, so this makes Spirit Breaker very useful. He can also focus on other important heroes and he is tanky enough to survive a lot of punishment.


This is a hero with a very high win-rate. The reason he is so popular is because of his ultimate. If you cast an Aghanim’s Scepter ultimate on the enemy carry and it kills him then you will almost always finish the game before he respawns. He is the ultimate anti-carry and not only that but his early pushing power is exceptional. If you rush Mek and other allied heroes have mana boots then you can push indefinitely and take a lot of towers.

Any heroes you think should be added?

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