Again, lots and lots of spoilers in this so read on at your peril!

Here is a list of the possible endings for the new Witcher 3 expansion: Hearts of Stone. The expansion has various endings and cool rewards you can earn. We will start with the option to save Olgierd.

If you decide to save Olgierd…

You will earn a level 37  sword with a unique ability (pictured below).

HoS ending sword Iris

Choosing this is also the only way you can get the Viper Venomous Silver sword (click the link for a guide to finding it).

If you wish to be quick…

You will gain a Devil Saddle with +100 stamina. Once you equip it then Roach will turn black and have white eyes. It will also randomly stun a nearby enemy during combat.

If you choose to be rich…

You will instantly gain 5000 gold. This is probably the least desirable reward.

If you wish to never be hungry again…

You will receive a Horn of Plenty which is essentially infinite food. Very useful for people who always forget to replenish their stock of consumables.

You could also choose an Endless Bottle of Vodka if you wish to never again buy alcohol for your potions.

If you ask for Ciri’s whereabouts (if you complete this before the main story)…

He will give you advice on how to achieve good endings for the game.

If you ask for nothing

He will simply disappear and cannot be brought back.

Thanks for reading

If you have any questions then ask below. I think that saving Olgierd offers the best rewards as both of those swords are excellent. However, in the next expansion there will undoubtedly be better swords so you should choose whatever you feel like.

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