Cho’Gall is out and as my friend went to Blizzcon, I have spent the last few hours running around feeling like a victim of my friends over-aggression and poor positioning. Cho’Gall is certainly a lot of fun, here are a few tips to playing him (most of them are fairly common sense).

Synergy and communication is important

cho'gall tips

2 heads are better than one….. sometimes

As with all relationships, communication with your other half is important. I have played games with my friend for many years and so I can usually guess what he will do (namely dive in and then yell at me to help him escape) before he tells me. This allows me to prepare accordingly.

Do not die

You are not indestructible. Blizzard described Cho as a raid boss but in reality you are quite easily focused if you are out of position against several enemies. You have a large health barrier but it should not be wasted taking unnecessary damage.

Cho’Gall give double the xp of a normal hero. This means dying gives your enemies a nice spike of XP which could give them an extra level (+4% stats per level in the latest patch). This might tip the next fight to their favour.

Gall can always use abilities

Inside the Dragon Knight? Gall can still use normal abilities (not his ult). Cho is stunned? Silenced? Gall can still cast. Gall should always be doing something or waiting for the best moment to use his spells (or activate Gall’s spells).

I’m not sure I can recommend Cho’Gall taking DK or the Garden Terror over another hero, but it certainly is funny.

Fear Kharazim

chogall tips

Kharazim may be the largest counter to Cho’Gall

Kharazim’s Seven Sided Strike wrecks Cho’Gall. Taking 50% of his total hp (77% if upgraded at 20) is a huge chunk of damage and decides teamfights almost immediately. Do not let him catch you alone or away from teammates. You must take Molten Block against Kharazim.

He is versatile

As far as heroes go, Cho’Gall has a lot of versatility in his talent choices. The only one that I think is a no-brainer is Molten Block. Having an immune effect on a hero as tanky as Cho may feel unusual but it allows you to dodge a lot of high damage moves that threaten you (Yes, 7 sided strike :D).

Upheaval is amazing

With communication, Upheaval is one of the most broken ultimate abilities in the game. Having such a strong reposition on a 60 second cooldown is a huge asset for your team. Plan teamfights around it and save aoe for when it is used. If Cho’Gall can ever be used competitively, Upheaval will be the main reason he is picked.

Anything to add?

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