The following is true for improving at almost any game out there. Heroes of the Storm can sometimes be frustrating, can sometimes make you want to break your computer, but ultimately it is an excellent MOBA with a lot of potential to compete with Dota2/LoL. Here are some general/basic tips for breaking into the higher ranks.

Be self critical

Nobody ever plays a perfect game. There is always something you could have improved upon. Look back and always think “What could I have done better?”. Through realising your own mistakes you will learn to avoid them next time and this will lead to a much higher win percentage.

Raging will cause you to lose more

heroes of the storm rage

Take Blizzard’s advice and don’t give in to rage!

Raging does not do anything except cause other people to play worse. If you are prone to rage then turn chat off. See this guide for controlling rage during games.

Sometimes people will rage at you, if this makes you play worse then it is also advisable to turn off chat. Once I did this then I saw a noticeable improvement to my mood/level of play and once I got to a higher rank, I enabled chat and the amount of rage was significantly reduced.

Do not stagger deaths

This is the cause of a lot of stomps. Teams that die 1 by 1 and the enemy just walks to the core and takes it without even trying. If one of your allies dies then wait for him. Call for the team to wait and just soak experience/delay the enemy push as best as possible. This ties into the next point.

Do not die

Hots is not like other MOBAs. You are not rewarded for overextending and getting kills like you are in Dota. Make sure you do not die and if you find yourself on low health then simply stay mounted in xp range or call an ally to soak your lane while you return to base.

Dying before an objective is another big mistake. When objectives are close to spawning is the perfect time to pick off lone enemies and through grouping up and doing this, you eliminate the chances of your team having a lone hero picked off.

Learn all heroes

I am not saying you need to master every hero, but general knowledge of what they are all capable of is required. When a new hero is released then read his skillset and people’s opinions on him.

Master a few heroes

master hero skin

Through mastering a hero, you will learn a lot of tricks to make your play more efficient and have a higher impact upon the game.

Choose some heroes to master, play these heroes until you are incredibly comfortable with them. For me (rank 1) this is Tyrael/Tassadar/Raynor. These are 3 heroes that I feel very confident about playing against anything/anyone (although I am careful about picking Tyrael unless we already have a more traditional tank).

Do not obsess with merc camps

If taken at the wrong time, merc camps are simply a waste of time that would be better served soaking a lane/pushing. Only take merc camps when you know the mercs will pressure the enemy.

Any tips to add?

If you have any other ideas then comment below. Hots is an excellent game that I would like to see become more mainstream and popular.