Blizzard seems to be following a trend of not releasing blatantly overpowered heroes. Artanis Cho’Gall and now Lunara have all entered the Nexus and haven’t made a huge impact upon the game. Lunara is the latest hero and has currently got a very low winrate of 36.9% which is currently the lowest winrate in the game. I suspect that Blizzard are going to make some changes and most likely give her more health, as she is unbelievably squishy for a hero that is based around sustained damage (ok, with some burst thrown in). Here are some tips and tricks to playing this squishy deer.

Don’t play her if you want to gain MMR

Don’t hate me for saying this. Currently Lunara is very weak compared to other heroes and playing her over other choices will definitely hinder MMR gain. If reaching rank one is important to you then avoid her.lunara tips tricks hots

Having said this, there are definitely times when she can be picked and used effectively. Which leads onto the next point…

Use her as a counterpick to teams with poor aoe healing

Enemy team has ETC (Groupies), Malfurion or other sustained healers? Lunara is a very poor choice as her damage is spread amongst enemies. If, however, the enemy team has chosen Morales then Lunara can do a surprising amount of work and put her under a lot of pressure.

Always be at max range

Staying at max range helps you avoid being burst down. Consider any enemy to be a threat to your livelihood and poke them from as far away as possible. Stutter stepping is bugged/hard to do on Lunara but practice timing her jumps so you are always far away from whoever you are kiting.

Thornwood Vines is usually best

While jumping around is cool, Leaping Strike puts you in significant danger for not much gain. Thornwood Vines allows Lunara to stay safe and contribute to fights from very far away. The damage is fairly high for the range so do not waste your charges!

Choosing the correct Wisp talentlunara wisp hots

At level 4 then Lunara must select which talent to apply to her Wisp. There are two choices that stand above the others. Nimble Wisp is excellent on larger maps and should be taken very often. If you are on Dragon Shire or another smaller map then Skybound Wisp allows you to see over the trees and into the long grass.

Do not get bogged down controlling your wisp. Always be aware of your character first as Lunara is too squishy to make any positioning mistakes.

Greater Spell Shield

If you are playing against Jaina, Kael’thas or Nova then you need to take this talent. Nova especially will punish you heavily if you do not choose it. Even with the shield you must play carefully.

Have anything to add?

If you are a successful Lunara player then I would love to hear from you. I haven’t had much success beyond making my team angry at me when I choose her (rank 1).