As everyone has their opinion on the meta and strong/weak heroes, here is’s HOTS tier list. It probably does not differ much from other tier lists as there is currently a very strong trend towards burst damage (thanks Tyrande…). As Greymane has only recently been released I will not list him yet. I will likely wait for the next round of balance changes before rewriting the list.

S tier – Tyrande, Raynor, Kael’thas, Diablo

These are the (in my opinion) strongest heroes in the game and if one team gets several of them then they have a great chance of winning.

Tyrande enables your team to burst down tanks who wander too close while also providing strong heals, CC and a low-cooldown ultimate that heals, stealths and provides a speed boost (at level 20) to her entire team. Globally. On a 50 second cooldown. You can’t ask for a more versatile supporting character.

Raynor is just an excellent damage dealer who is also very hard to kill. Easy to play and hard to master, he requires good positioning but can afford to make mistakes and be caught due to his passive. The damage he provides is unmatched once lategame arrives.

Kael’thas is close to being balanced I feel but he still comes in at the highest rank because of his level 13 talent Chain Bomb. This talent all but guarantees victory if your enemies group together. Kael’thas does not have any solid counters and works great in any composition which is what makes him such a good pick especially in the early picking stage.

Diablo is a tank that deals melee assassin levels of damage. The constant aoe, cc and fear of being caught out of position by him forces the enemy team to play very cautiously. He has two viable ultimates that can both be devastating and a CC chain that can potentially lock down an enemy hero for around three to four seconds.

A tier – Muradin, Jaina, Sonya, Zagara, Uther, Thrall

These heroes are strong and are usually always a good choice (providing they are played well).

Muradin receives almost no nerfs or buffs but seems to get stronger every patch. Right now he stands out with his high CC, damage and incredibly annoying ultimate (Avatar) that severely hinders whoever he dices to focus upon. He is strong in both a defensive (peeling) and offensive (diving) role.

Jaina is a high damage mage that is very close to being on Kael’thas’s level. The main factor that puts KT higher is his Arcane Barrier talent that allows him to tank a lot of damage and survive a lot easier. Jaina must be more careful about her positioning as Ice Block often just delays your death.

Sonya with a strong support is an incredibly hard hero to deal with. The best counters to her come in the form of displacements as CC/slows are heavily reduced by her ultimate. Her damage is very strong and once she picks up some defensive talents then she can no longer be burst down.

Zagara is a pain to play against, clearing creep is really annoying. Zagara’s laning phase is the best in the game and if utilised well can often turn into a level advantage.

Uther will always be among the best supports as long as his Divine Shield stays the same. Solid and consistent.

Thrall was a difficult hero to place. However, if played by an experienced player he is very hard to kill and provides strong CC, displacement and incredible damage.

B tier – Strong picks

Johanna, Leoric, Falstad, Kharazim, Tassadar, The Lost Vikings,  Kerrigan, Li Li, E.T.C, Zeratul, Rehgar, Nazeebo, Lt.Morales  Nova, Sylvanas.

The heroes above are all good picks and excellent in the right hands. There are just some a few heroes I would like to talk about.

Leoric is exceptional against double tank teams and on maps where his passive can be utilised well.

Johanna is almost unkillable but lacks damage compared to the higher tier tanks.

Nova can ruin teams comprised of squishy targets. A very poor first pick but often a game-winning last pick.

ETC with the Groupies talent can be great to provide some secondary healing to a team.

C tier – Meh picks

This tier is generally reserved for niche picks and heroes that are almost always worse than other choices, either in stats or versatility.

Rexxar, Brightwing, Stitches, Malfurion, Sgt.Hammer, Butcher, Azmodan, Arthas, Murky, Abathur, Artanis, Valla, Anub’arak, Tychus, Tyrael, Lunara Chen, 

Chen is amazing against teams with no CC (this almost never happens) but if he is not able to utilise his passive then can struggle to survive. Muradin gives Chen a really bad time.

Brightwing is great in a coordinated team but will be blamed for losses in solo queue.

Artanis is more of a bruiser than a tank. His damage is excellent but I struggle to see why he would ever be chosen over Sonya.

Butcher is good if his team is picked around him.

D tier – Gazlowe, Cho’Gall, Illidan

These are pretty much awful and should be avoided unless played very well or with a team that can support them.

Illdian is strong with a team picked around him but is the hero I least want to see on my team in solo queue. I’m probably biased as I still don’t think I have ever seen a good Illidanon my team.

Agree or disagree?

Comment below and tell me what you think. Some of the heroes were hard for me to place and I could be persuaded to move heroes depending on further input.