There have been a lot of questions recently regarding which heroes can solo bosses. Soloing bosses is a very niche gameplay strategy that is often high risk for low reward and against good opponents then they will probably notice and expect it as usually you have to pick talents specifically for it. After talking about whether early bosses are worthwhile then I will talk about several heroes and the strategies they use to solo bosses. The Towers of Doom boss is different and I will update the guide later to talk about soloing him.

Are early bosses worthwhile?

A boss taken at level 20 is almost guaranteed to take at least a keep. It has huge amounts of health and deals considerable damage to structures. A boss taken at level 7, however, will not be able to kill the first gate it encounters without help, it is simply too weak and lacks damage. The risk of soloing an early boss usually does not pay off as the time it takes to solo it would have been better used soaking experience. A hero such as Rexxar is so excellent at soaking that soloing the boss can often be a waste of time and actually put your team at a disadvantage.

If your team is soaking everything then you can consider taking a boss, but good players will notice you missing and suspect that you are killing the boss and react accordingly AKA kill you at the boss pit. Some boss pits are more easily watched than others but if the enemy team has anyone who can provide vision (Tyrande) then this makes soloing even riskier as he chance of being caught is much higher.

Soloing Bosses with Rexxar

rexxar boss solo

Rexxar is the safest hero for soloing bosses as he doesn’t have to take any damage!

Let’s start by looking at Rexxar. This hero provides the easiest and safest boss solos as he does not lose any health (Misha tanks all the damage). Rexxar can solo bosses from level four by choosing the “Easy Prey” talent. This talent allows easy clearing of any camp and bosses. To solo a boss with Rexxar you need to use Misha to tank and use Mend Pet on cooldown. Mend pet can outheal the damage taken.

Micro Misha out of stuns and dodge the aoe placed on the hero to make the boss kill safer. If the enemy comes to the boss pit and you are rooted by the aoe then you are probably going to die.

Soloing Bosses with Sonya

Sonya can solo bosses from level 4 but it is very risky as your health will drop considerably. Waiting until level ten makes it a lot safer and more worthwhile as the boss will be stronger. To solo the boss with Sonya then you need to take the talents “War Paint” and “Mercenary Lord”. Note that Mercenary Lord is not required to solo the boss but it makes it much less risky as your health will no longer drop to dangerously low levels. At level ten then choosing “Wrath” makes soloing bosses easy and relatively fast.

When you have to move out of AOE then use your spin for extra damage and healing as you cannot autoattack when moving anyway.

Soloing Bosses with The Lost Vikings (TLV)

TLV have quite an easy time soloing bosses. You do not need to take specific talents but “Mercenary Lord” makes it much easy. Rotate who is taking damage and utilise Olaf’s fast health regeneration and tankiness. Let him tank then use the other vikings to tank while he regenerates. While he is tanking again then the other vikings will heal and you can repeat until the boss is dead.

tlv boss solo

Although they can solo bosses with relative ease, the Vikings main strength lies in soaking experience from multiple lanes.

Other heroes

Other heroes can solo bosses but the three above are the most common and easiest. Lili, Chen, Zagara, The Butcher, Illidan, Thrall, Gazlowe and Valla can all solo the boss if they choose the correct talents and utilise the correct strategy. I would not recommend soloing bosses with these heroes except for fun as they will either take too long or need to be a higher level at which point you need to stay with your team.

Do you have any questions or want to know more about soloing bosses in Heroes of the Storm? Comment below and I will do my best to answer any questions you might have. Stay tuned for an update regarding the Towers of Doom boss.

How do I counter heroes who can solo bosses?

You need to be aware of what heroes can easily solo bosses and the talents they need to do so. If you notice that they have chosen these talents then inform your team. If you notice this hero disappear from the map for a while the you can safely assume they are attempting to kill the boss and make your way over there to stop it. If you time it well, you will arrive with the boss on low hp and be able to steal it easily.

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