This post is spoiler free

Mission 45 – “A Quiet Exit” has some of the coolest sequences in the entire game. It is also one of the hardest missions and requires a lot of patience and planning to complete. Some of the enemy vehicles seem to be capable of killing you in 1 hit which is very demoralizing when it happens to you. The real key to this mission is to have a high grade rocket launcher and to constantly be repositioning and calling in more ammo supplies. Here are some more tips to complete this mission.

A Quiet Exit

Vehicles will approach by the 2 roads leading in or over the desert from the west. Mining these roads in advance will help you greatly.

Use support helicopters and bombardments (Cannot get S-Rank)

These call-ins make the mission so much easier. Support helicopters divert some attention away from the palace and can do a surprising amount of damage especially if they are upgraded with higher grade weaponry and armor.

Upgrade your rocket launcher!

Without a high grade rocket launcher this mission goes from hard to insanely hard. I first completed this with an basic Grom-11 but I had to use copious amounts of support helicopters and bombardments (thus preventing the S-Rank). Once I upgraded my rocket launcher to a more powerful variant then this mission became so much easier as I was able to 1-shot several of the vehicles (also being able to lock on means aiming at a moving vehicle is easier).

These vehicles can fire a large amount of rockets on your location. Luckily, high grade rocket launchers can destroy them with 1 hit.

These vehicles can fire a large amount of rockets on your location. Luckily, high grade rocket launchers can destroy them with 1 hit.

Equip the Battledress

The Sneaking Suit is not ideal for this mission as you will be fighting constantly (if you try to be stealthy then Quiet will take a lot of damage). The Battledress reduces the damage you take which makes it the optimal choice for this mission.

Mine the roads

In the lull between vehicle waves, run and mine the roads leading to the palace. If you have researched the strongest mines then they will help enormously.

Do not stay in the same place (to avoid being 1 shot)

Always move from place to place. Do NOT stay in the same place for more than 2 shots. Some of the tanks have a gun that can potentially 1-shot you if it hits you directly. To avoid this happening then do not stand out in the open and do not attempt to fire at a tank that is pointing it’s turret towards you. Fire your rocket then go behind cover before it turns to face you.

Use Supply Flares

You will be calling in  a lot of supply drops so using these saves you some tie and allows you to stay more mobile.

More tips and strategy will be added as I play this mission some more.